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Instagram: $1 Billion Built on Open Source and Cloud


And this isn’t even about Red Hat.

Tools and technologies that Instagram uses:

Ubuntu 11.04
Amazon’s Route53 for DNS.
25+ Django app servers on high CPU Xtra-Large EC2 instances.
Gunicorn as their WSGI server.
Fabric to deploy in parallel to all machines.
3 12 PostgreSQL-server clusters on Xtra-Large memory instances.
EBS as a software RAID configuration.
Apache Solr for geo-search API.
6 memcached instances for caching.
Gearman task queue.


Harry Potter eBooks Have No DRM

Harry Potter eBooks have No DRM

The Harry Potter ebooks aren’t going to have any DRM. From a gigaom article:

But by far the biggest break with tradition for Pottermore is that all the books will be sold without DRM restrictions…the Potter books will be personalized or watermarked.”

Am I the only who thinks a custom watermark with a buyer name or graphic would be pretty cool? Upsell opportunity. Essentially, buyers pay to “DRM” their own copy.



How to Fail

How To Fail

Sooo…say you are trying out a new online newsletter app.

You assume that you can prune the list of email addresses once they are uploaded.

You upload a boat load of contacts.

App decides to automatically email everyone immediately with a confirmation message.


My apologies to anyone or any mailing list that got an email about subscribing to a newsletter from me. None of you are subscribed to anything.

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SOPA Sucks

From getyourcensoron.com.

I understand why the entertainment industry thinks SOPA a good idea. They are retarded.

From the Washington Post, this might be my favorite quote about the discussions in Congress:

If I had a dime for every time someone in the hearing markup used the phrase “I’m not a nerd” or “I’m no tech expert, but they tell me . . .,” I’d have a large number of dimes and still feel intensely worried about the future of the uncensored Internet. If this were surgery, the patient would have run out screaming a long time ago. But this is like a group of well-intentioned amateurs getting together to perform heart surgery on a patient incapable of moving. “We hear from the motion picture industry that heart surgery is what’s required,” they say cheerily. “We’re not going to cut the good valves, just the bad — neurons, or whatever you call those durn thingies.”

And we give these asshats control over money and bombs.